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Bronx & Banco Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Bronx & Banco Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Well isn’t this collection from Bronx + Banco a fun and pleasant surprise? Never, did I think that for Fall, I’d see eveningwear as the main attraction. Practically speaking, it’s not the best because we’re not all going out every night. Especially post-pandemic. There seems to be a lot of exaggeration in the lifestyle market these days with the number of activities we’re all doing on the weekends. But at the same time, escapism is fun. Planning your outfits ahead of time is fun. That’s where the joy and surprise of this collection stems from for me.

To have your opening look be a floor-length gown with cut-outs is amazing. The first question that comes to mind is, “where are you going?”. I am not sure about the answer, because where would this outfit be appropriate? Personal style aside, these types of dresses seemed to have been more popular pre-covid. So why are we seeing this back on the runway? Trouble moving on? Difficulties in accepting life post-covid? Whatever the case may be, I must say that the opening look was underwhelming. Certainly, it is a ‘wow’ moment and an attention grabber. But in an age where the consumer is becoming ever more conscious of their purchasing power, fashion has to stand for more than just ‘wow-moments’.

In fact, if we look at the entire collection, it’s basically a closet for anyone going out on a Friday night or weekend. It’s the perfect collection for going to a club that will be dark inside all night. That’s not necessarily a good thing, because there are a few pieces in the collection that look great in the light.

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Thoughts on Bronx + Banco

I’m a little disappointed in the versatility of this collection. I cannot see many of these pieces being worn in daily life, runnings errands for example. Though the dresses are pretty to look at, there are only a few looks that would be great for the fall season.


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